11 Best Restaurants in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Jack & Leonard February 9, 2024

Brentwood, Los Angeles, nestled amidst the scenic foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, is a haven for discerning diners. Imagine browsing for fresh produce at the farmers' market on a sunny Saturday morning, then enjoying a leisurely brunch at The Marmalade Cafe. Picture indulging in authentic Italian fare at Toscana with friends, followed by an evening of laughter at a standup or improv comedy show in Los Angeles. This is the Brentwood life, and Jack & Leonard can make it your reality.

Whether you're a seasoned gourmet or a casual explorer of flavors, Brentwood offers a vibrant culinary scene, from upscale establishments to charming casual eateries. This guide highlights some of the best restaurants in Brentwood, Los Angeles categorized by cuisine and experience, to help you discover your next culinary adventure.

Fine dining restaurants


Embark on a culinary journey at A.O.C., where contemporary American cuisine meets European influences. Explore a menu of creative small plates featuring seasonal ingredients, from roasted artichokes with lemon aioli to pan-seared scallops with chorizo. Don't miss their curated wine list, perfect for complementing your dining experience.


Experience the epitome of upscale dining at Baltaire, one of the top destinations in Brentwood. Indulge in succulent steaks cooked to perfection, savor seafood flown in fresh daily, and enjoy an extensive wine list. The sophisticated dining room and lively patio set the tone for an excellent night out. Baltaire is justly famous for its premium cuts and elevated steakhouse cuisine. Make a reservation here and find out what the buzz is about.

The Restaurant at The Getty Center

Enjoy breathtaking views of Los Angeles alongside modern Californian cuisine at The Restaurant at The Getty Center. Savor seasonal dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients, paired with stunning presentations and impeccable service. This is a dining experience that merges culinary delight with artistic inspiration.

Italian cuisine


Craving authentic Neapolitan pizza? Look no further than Pizzana. This casual eatery uses a wood-fired oven to create pizzas with thin, crispy crusts and fresh, flavorful toppings. Choose from classic combinations like Margherita or explore their specialty pizzas with unique ingredients.


Toscana draws seafood enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates authentic Italian cuisine. Located on San Vicente Blvd., Toscana achieves gourmet status, showcasing the finest seafood and traditional Italian specialties. Immerse yourself in the welcoming ambiance, where each dish celebrates Mediterranean flavors crafted by skilled chefs.

Asian cuisine


Indulge in the art of Japanese cuisine at Katsuya, a renowned restaurant known for its innovative sushi and robata dishes. Their signature yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and miso sauce is a must-try, and the lively atmosphere adds to the dining experience. Enjoy the stylish ambiance of Katsuya and immerse yourself in its Japanese flavors.  Reservations are highly recommended. 

Marugame Udon

Slurp up delicious udon noodles at Marugame, a casual eatery offering a quick and satisfying meal. Choose from various toppings like tempura, pork belly, and vegetables to customize your noodle bowl. Enjoy a quick and flavorful lunch or dinner at this no-frills, community-favorite spot.


Another boon for sushi enthusiasts, SUGARFISH is a respected eatery in Brentwood, offering an authentic and elevated sushi experience. With an emphasis on quality and simplicity, Sugar Fish sources the finest ingredients to create delectable sushi dishes that showcase the essence of Japanese culinary traditions.

More foodie sites to explore

Brentwood Country Mart

Explore a diverse culinary landscape at Brentwood Country Mart, a gourmet marketplace featuring various restaurants and cafes. From wood-fired pizzas at Joan's on Third to gourmet sandwiches at The Counter, there's something for every taste bud.

Brentwood Farmers Market

Discover local, seasonal produce and a variety of artisanal food vendors at the Brentwood Farmers Market. Stock up on fresh ingredients for home cooking or grab a delicious bite to eat from one of the many food trucks and stalls.

Marmalade Cafe

Savor fresh seafood dishes with beautiful ocean views at Marmalade Cafe. This casual yet elegant restaurant offers a delightful brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, perfect for a relaxed dining experience.

Finding your perfect bite

With its diverse selection of restaurants, Brentwood caters to every taste and occasion. Local experts Jack & Leonard can give you the best advice on where to eat. Ask your trusted real estate agent to recommend a few restaurants based on the following factors:

  • Cuisine: Craving Italian classics, fresh seafood, or innovative sushi? Explore the variety of cuisines available in Brentwood to find your perfect match.
  • Ambiance: Looking for a romantic evening, a lively gathering with friends, or a quick and casual meal? Consider the atmosphere each restaurant offers to match your dining experience preferences.
  • Price point: Establishments in Brentwood range from budget-friendly options to upscale fine dining experiences. Determine your budget to narrow down your search.
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