The Secrets To Perfect Landscape Architecture

Leonard Rabinowitz October 26, 2023

Landscape architecture is an art form that transforms outdoor spaces into captivating, harmonious environments. For luxury homes, landscape architects play a pivotal role in crafting storybook settings that perfectly complement and capture the surroundings. In the sprawling metropolitan city of Los Angeles, where luxury pockets abound, landscape architects have risen to the occasion, creating stunning outdoor spaces that elevate the experience of and help define luxury living. 

Landscape architecture is the marriage of aesthetics and functionality, where the outdoor space is meticulously designed to enhance the overall experience of an estate. It uses natural materials, innovative design concepts, and a deep understanding of the environment to create a cohesive and captivating outdoor oasis.

Front yards, often the first impression of a property, set the stage for the entire home. They create a warm welcome and a glimpse into the sophistication within. Beyond aesthetics, they also play a crucial role in functionality, security, and sustainability. These spaces bridge the gap between the private sanctuary and the public world outside. For instance, in exclusive neighborhoods known for privacy, they need to balance aesthetics with security. Driveways, entry gates, and pathways in front yards provide a sense of arrival. Eco-friendly choices like drought-resistant plants, smart irrigation, and permeable surfaces set the stage for an environmentally responsible estate. In essence, front-yard landscape architecture is the first chapter in the story of the address, inviting all to explore the grandeur within.

RIOS – Tranquil Residential Retreats

Images Courtesy of RIOS

Mark Rios is a renowned landscape architect based in Los Angeles, known for his ability to transform residential spaces into tranquil retreats. His work can be seen in some of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods. RIOS, an international design collective, combines elements of Zen design with modern aesthetics, creating spaces that are both serene and sophisticated, transforming any landscape into serenity.

“A well-designed private garden and home is a joyful retreat,” said Huay Wee, Creative Director and Partner at RIOS. “It is a choreographed series of outdoor experiences that elevate the senses. There is also an opportunity to connect and contribute to the biodiversity of the local neighborhood,” she said. When architecting the perfect landscape, the entirety of the settings and surroundings need to be considered.

“From the driveway to the distant views, curation of the experience brings to one’s attention that everything has been designed and, at the very least, visually framed for you. A house and the landscape should be inseparable,” said Wee. Contact @rioshome, RIOS: @rios.imagines

Mia Lehrer – Sustainable Elegance

Mia Lehrer, FASLA, Founder and President of Studio-MLA, is a landscape architect who infuses sustainability into luxury landscapes. With offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, her projects seamlessly blend eco-conscious design with opulence. Lehrer has incorporated native California plants, permeable surfaces, and efficient irrigation systems to create a lush, water-wise oasis while also leading the design implementation of public projects that include the Hollywood Racetrack redevelopment, Sofi Stadium, LA County’s Natural History Museum Gardens, and many others.

Lehrer’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by her continued work designing gardens that not only complement the property’s luxury but also reduced its environmental footprint. The results are a plethora of design awards and landscapes that showcase the eco-friendly living in luxurious settings. Contact @studio_mla


Richard Neutra – The Huntington Library

When it comes to massive luxury landscapes, few projects rival The Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California. Neutra, the visionary landscape architect behind this 130-acre masterpiece sought to fuse the environment with the soul of the space. 

Neutra’s approach involved meticulous planning and resulted in the construction of beautiful brutalist architecture. He believed that landscape architecture should not be overlooked when master planning estates.

“The landscape architect cannot come later,” proclaimed Neutra. The Huntington Library, which is now home to 16 themed gardens and more than 83,000 living plans, is a modern, massive, and opulent landscape that transports visitors to a captivating Eden. Contact @thehuntingtonlibrary


Andrea Scharff – Beverly Park

With simple touches and stunning settings, Andrea is an expert in everything landscaping. Her successful background in corporate America, gardening, and design led her to create and build one of the most sought-after design firms in the country. At the helm of Andrea Scharff Landscape Design, a studio specializing in custom residential and commercial landscape design, Andrea utilizes her lengthy landscaping education to marry beautiful designs with a home’s stunning architecture. “The estate’s composition and style will always dictate the landscape designs,” said Andrea.

The mastermind behind the landscape design for an upcoming Beverly Park estate, Andrea takes in every minute detail to design cohesive landscaping. “As a team, we wanted to ground the huge structure in the exquisite landscape to magically capture the incredible surroundings,” said Andrea. “As a diamond in Beverly Park with 360-degree views, I wanted to breathe life into the space.” Contact @andreascharfflandscape 


Nancy Goslee Power – Beverly Hills

Nancy Goslee Power is a landscape architect celebrated for her work on estates in Beverly Hills. Her expertise lies in creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly connect with the grandeur of the properties they surround. One of her notable projects is an estate where she transformed the expansive grounds into a series of themed gardens. Power’s approach involved creating distinct garden rooms, each with its own character and style. From the Mediterranean-inspired courtyard to the formal French garden, every space was a masterpiece in its own right. The result was a massive landscape that provided an ever-changing visual feast, a testament to Power’s creative genius. Contact @nancy_goslee_power

Landscape architecture is an art form that plays a vital role in enhancing the luxury living experience, whether in the front or backyard. In Los Angeles, a city lined with luxury pockets, master landscape architects have risen to the occasion, creating outdoor spaces that elevate the entire concept of opulence. From tranquil residential retreats to monumental work at The Huntington Gardens, these landscape architects have left an indelible mark on the city.

Los Angeles landscapes serve as canvases for creativity, where outdoor paradises that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality are crafted, making them integral to the world of luxury in the City of Angels. Whether creating small-scale havens or massive masterpieces, landscape architects bring a touch of artistry to luxury estates, transforming outdoor spaces into true works of beauty and functionality.


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